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Glass of Water

Is it three quarters full, or one quarter half empty? All depends on whether you're feeling in mostly a positive mood, or a slightly negative mood.

Water is, of course, essential to all life. But you could argue, so is this glass. Because, if it weren't for the glass, this water would be just a puddle, and probably running down the back of the desk and into the 4-way gang extension socket situated below it, playing havoc with the electrics and endangering nearby life.

So yes, we can conclude that without a drinking vessle of some description, water can in fact be dangerous. And that of course has a deeper meaning than appearances would suggest. What that meaning is is too deep for even me to understand. What I have learned today though is that the proper name for a extension lead with four sockets is a 4-way gang. And for that reason, today my glass is three quarters full.