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5th September 2010: Launch of Sultana Barbecue's website

On Sunday 5th September 2010, Sultana Barbecue's website made its online debut. Well, it had been online since 7th July, but there wasn't much on it (see below), so today counts as its official launch date. The launch was a subdued affair - no party, no champagne, not even a party popper. But we did have a power cut which delayed things slightly. Over the next few weeks, the two sites that currently make up Sultana Barbecue's fantastic network (Bob the Alien's Tour of the Solar System and Ten Facts About...) will have their current branding replaced by Sultana Barbecue's.

7th July 2010: Registration of domain

On Wednesday 7th July 2010, the internet address was first registered and a holding page with the rather funky Sultana Barbecue logo on a rather less funky brick wall was put onto it, as well as the words "Coming Soon." You can see this holding page, which also doubles as Sultana Barbecue's first ever page, here!

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